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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Recent social trips!

Friday 10 November 2017

Spitting Feathers Brewbarn

It had been decided that we would set up a social event to one of the Spitting Feathers Brewbarn Sessions at their brewery. We had a good number in the party and we had arranged to meet either at Chester Station or at the Brewery itself. The day wasn’t a good one as the rain decided it also wanted to come along with us.

Once we all started to arrive we were quickly “checked in” to the Brewery and sent straight into the Brewery’s social bar where we were greeted with 3 great choices of beer aptly brewed to Spitting Feathers fantastic quality and three different ones to suit all tastes. As the people started to arrive in, you could feel the atmosphere rising as everyone was there to have a good time and enjoy the Saturday afternoon as all Saturday afternoons should be.

As a group we all stayed together and had great conversation, and the Brewery brought around some snacks that really hit the spot and we all eagerly tucked into them. As the afternoon wore on, the casks were changed and an equally, and depending on your taste buds, or better cask came on with quick changes. The day coasted by and we all had smiles the whole afternoon, especially when the food got served up and the whole room eagerly got their hog roast with yet another change of casks. And during all this we had the sheepdogs trying to make more friends especially when the hog roast was out.

We all had a fantastic afternoon and finished off with a 6% beer that was absolutely out of this world, and after starting the day on a sublime stout it mixed in with the band that played and everyone was up and dancing the day away. After the session a few of us got a taxi back and finished the day off in The Cellar which rounded the whole fantastic day off. We have all decided that it is one for the calendar next year and a fantastic price to boot.

Oktoberfest in Blueball Brewery

Another event a few members went on was the Oktoberfest in Blueball Breweries new(ish) new premises, and although it was mainly craft the cask they had was good quality and the plans they have are exciting with a permanent bar to be set up there and more events set up and an increased cask selection on tap. It is also good news to hear that another two breweries are to move in with them and make it a regular feature and a pub, which is good news for Halton CAMRA as it increases the Breweries in the Area to 6.

Appleton Thorn Village Hall

Finally there was another Festival held, this time in Appleton Thorn Village Hall near Warrington. Coinciding with the Festival was a presentation made to them for gaining the Regional Club of the Year award for Cheshire, which is a mark of their quality in a Region that has so many good clubs as well as pubs. It was attended by a few of the Cheshire Branches so as a formal Regional Award, it was a great occasion to attend, and as a festival it was really good with a great selection of beers for all tastes, strengths and variety.

It was a great event and good to mingle with the other CAMRA Branches and socialise together. So thank you to Appleton Thorn for a successful event, and thank you to all the CAMRA and none CAMRA people who attended.

Offbeat Brewery Bar

As another note there was a little look in at the Offbeat Brewery Bar at the Brewery in October, and it is a great set up in Crewe and well worth a visit with good quality Real Ale and a very friendly atmosphere.